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Barbed Wire Making Machine

Perfect Automatic Barbed Wire Making Machine is simple, sturdy & Robust in design. 
The machine is easy to operate and capable of making barbed wire of two ply and four barbs.
Barbed Wire Machine is of indigenous porduction,manufactured exclusively out of indigenous 
materials under specialized experienced and skilled management by indian craftsmen.

OPERATIONS: Perfect barbed wire making machine is assembled with multiple gears and 
lovers so ingenously arranged and accurately timed to perform the multiple function of 
feeding, barbing, twisting, cutting & coiling into a bobbing without the aid of manual labour. 
The operations are so automatic that the operator is to stand by and watch the operations till 
the bobbin is full. Then the machine is stopped and bobbin is replaced & restarted. 

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Capable of making G.I. Wires of 3 types.
1. Main ply two lines of 12G With 4 barbs made 12G wire 
at distance of about 3” or 75mm apart.
2.Main ply two lines of 12G with 4 barbes made of 14G wire
at distance of about 3” or 75mm apart.
3.Main ply two lines of 14G with 4 barbes made of 14G wire
at distance of about 3” or 75mm apart

PRODUCTION          : 500 to 600 Kgs per shift of 8 hours.
ELECTRIC MOTOR   : 5 HP. X 960 rpm
SPACE REQUIRED   : 15 ft. X 12 ft.
WEIGHT                  : 1000 Kgs approx.
ACESSORIES           : 4 Nos. Wire Stands.

INSTALLATION :The installation of the machine is quite simple and easy as that of any 
other machine,care being taken that the stands of the machine is securely bolted to the
foundation and machine is properly aligned and leveled accurately. 

Optional Accessories:

Ø Control Panel
Ø Lubrication System


Note: Due to constant improvement and technology changes, we reserve the right to change / modify any machine


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