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Bolt Heading Machine

Perfect Automatic Double Stroke Solid Die Cold Forging Heading Machine has been designed for high-volume production combined with long tool life. Cut-off and knock-out mechanism, which has safety devices, prevents any kind of accident if any abnormal function occurs in the machine.

The design of heading slide is particularly mobile and carries two heading punches, one for straightening and other for finishing. Straightening and finishing punches as well as dies can be accurately adjusted at easily accessible points. Nearly all essential adjusting arrangements can be manually operated. The machine is equipped with vertical wire straightening bearing rollers designer for straight wire feeding for the processing of long bolt. 

Bolts, Screws, Rivets, Taper Roller Heading and similar products can be produced on this machine. For durability of the machine, all rollers, roller pins, cames and some other parts are made of high-quality steel properly heat-treated and ground for long lasting. These machines are made keeping the latest trends in mind.

Optional Accessories:

Ø Control Panel
Ø Hand Operated Lubrication System

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity
(length X dia.)
(per minute)
Power Required
(H.P. X RPM)
PBHM-2 2" X 1/4"
(50 mm X 6 mm)
80-85 3 X 960
PBHM-2.5 2.5" X 5/16"
(65 mm X 8 mm)
70-75 5 X 960
PBHM-3 3" X 3/8"
(75 mm X 10 mm)
60-65 10 X 960
PBHM-4 4" X 1/2"
(100 mm X 12 mm)
45-50 15 X 960
PBHM-5 5" X 5/8"
(125 mm X 15 mm)
35-40 20 X 960
PBHM-6 6" X 3/4"
(150 mm X 20 mm)
25-30 35 X 1440



Note: Due to constant improvement and technology changes, we reserve the right to change / modify any machine


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