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Screw Head Slotting Machine

Perfect Automatic Screw Head Slotting Machine


Slotted Parts


Perfect Automatic Screw Head Slotting Machine is used to make slots on heads of blank wood screws, machine screws, bolts, cycle parts, automobile parts and other similar components. This machine is simple in design and operation. The slots are true, clean, deep and curved at bottom. Careful attention has been paid to automatic drum-type blank feeding mechanism. An aligned grip holds the blank screws while it is being slotted. Thus, giving a straight slot in the head of the screw. Comes with water coolant pump, which keeps the cutter cool. 

Number of branded bearings have been used while manufacturing this machine which ensures to deliver high speed production and provide great saving of labour and lubrication cost. All cames, turn table, rollers and roller pins are made from high quality steel properly heat treated for long lasting durability.

Standard Accessories:
Ø Water Coolant Pump

Optional Accessories:

Ø Control Panel
Ø Lubrication System

Technical Specifications

Model Length of blank Wire Size
Production Per Minute
(in pcs.)
Power Required
(H.P. X RPM)
PSM-2 3/8" to 2" 9 - 14 80 - 100 1 X 1440
PSM-3 1" to 3" 5 - 12 60 - 80 2 X 1440
PSM-4 1.5" to 4" 3 - 8 50 - 60 2 X 1440
PSM-6 2" to 6" 0 - 5 30 - 40 3 X 1440

 Due to constant improvement and technology changes, we reserve the right to change / modify any machine.



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