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Wire Nails Making Machine

Perfect Automatic Wire Nails Making Machines are simple and sturdy in design are made from high grade casting & steel. These machines can produce flat head nails, pop nails, round head nails, lost head nails, counter shank head nails, from H.B, copper, aluminium & brass Wires.

Drive: Its main crank is directly driven by motor and side-shafts are driven by four bevel gears to ensure correct and permanent adjustment of the cutting tool. The length and thickness of the nails is adjustable. All tools are easily accessible and can be quickly changed. its main and side shafts are fitted with browns bushes to ensure long life. All cames, gears, rollers, roller pins are made from high-quality steel properly heat-treated and grounded for long lasting.

Working Of the Machine : The wire end from coil passes throughtening rollers and fed intermittently in the gripping dies, which close firmly allowing heading punch to press the head of the nails, then grip loosened and required length of the nail is fed constantly, where it is cut by cutting tools leaving ample stock for the head of the next nail. Thus ready nail is ejected by the ejector. The operations are repeated in each revolution.

Perfect Crank Type High Speed Panel Pin & Wire Nail Making Machine
Technical Specifications

Model Length of Blank
Wire Size
(per minute)
PNM-1 1/2" X 1.5"
(12 to 38 mm)
18-14 400-450
PNM-2 1/2" X 2"
(12 to 50 mm)
16-12 300-350
PNM-3 3/4" X 3"
(20 to 75 mm)
14-9 225-275
PNM-4 1" X 4"
(25 to 100 mm)
12-8 175-210
PNM-5 1.5" X 5"
(35 to 125 mm)
10-6 110-125
PNM-6 2" X 6"
(50 to 150 mm)
8-4 100-125
PNM-8 2" X 8"
(50 to 200 mm)
8-2 90-100

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